Risk Management & Security Plan

Do you know where your travelers are?

It’s no longer enough to know your travelers purchased an airline ticket. Stricter “Duty of Care” obligations require you to ensure their safety and security. Access real-time data 24/7 and reduce your company’s risks.

Traveler danger can come in all sorts of forms: disasters, bad weather, disease, cyber attacks, even simple bad luck – risk that can endanger your company and your travelers and potentially hurt your reputation. Whatever the risk, you can develop programs that help prevent danger, or minimize the impact if it strikes.

We call this Travel Risk Management. Proactive strategies help travelers avoid or minimize danger. Reactive strategies offer help for employees en route.

Risky business is no longer an option

Whether you have employees who travel domestically or internationally, it’s your obligation to know where they are and how you can communicate with them when a situation occurs. Using our simple, integrated risk management solution, you’ll receive pre-trip alerts, risk-level information and destination intelligence to keep you informed and your employees safe and increase their confidence.

e-Travel Alerts

Receive an email alert to events happening around the world including transportation or weather disruptions, civil unrest, terrorism or any event that could affect your travelers’ safety.

e-Travel Advisories

This is the core of your travel risk management service. Issued at the point of booking, you automatically receive an email alerting you to any entry requirements and known travel risks associated with your destination.

e-Travel Tracker

It’s essential that you know where your travelers are at any given time in order to effectively comply with corporate traveler “Duty of Care” requirements. In addition to tracking your travelers around the world, receive pre-trip preparation and world event details that could impact their safety.

Managing Your Cost

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