Business Consulting

Revolutionize Your Corporate Travel Program

You invest a lot in travel management. We help you maximize the return on your investment by strategically managing the numerous variables that can make business travel seem complex.

Every company has unique travel needs

We’ve worked with companies to help them create a travel program tailored to achieve specific goals. Our extensive capabilities and results-oriented approach allow us to build and implement strategies that can help streamline operations, improve the business traveler experience, reduce risk and increase savings.

  • Wide-range of solutions for business travel
  • Powerful mix of data analytics, proprietary tools, and broad industry experience
  • Global network of experienced consultants
  • Extensive travel data and fine-tuned methodologies
  • Identify areas of your program with high potential for improvement
  • Develop focused plans for making a difference in your program
  • Manage ongoing performance for ongoing results
  • Independent advice to maximize your spend and return on investment

Analyzing your travel spend – an in-depth look at your program to find out what’s working well and what you can improve.

Supplier performance and contract – we’ll help you stay on top of supplier agreements so you get the most out of those relationships.

Whether you’re looking for a little help on a specific issue or a total travel management solution, Global Business Consulting can provide the services you need.

The advice we provide is always completely independent, whether or not you’re an Moabi Voyages travel management customer.

Managing Your Cost

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